Storage frequently asked questions

What size do I require?
The size in the storage facilities tends to differ and depends with the customers’ needs. The customer can seek advanced help by contacting these companies in advance to verify the total amount of space required. The total amount of cash available can also be used to determine the total amount of space required. It is important to ignore the cost of different charges of different sizes and pay more attention of seeking enough space for the properties to be stored. 

Is it necessary to have insurance?
Some risks are too risky to take. Supposing all the items stored in the self storage facilities are stolen? The liabilities are directly transferred to the client, despite of the total cost of the items stolen. This is fatal as household are long term investment and takes long to assemble a complete house. To avoid taking such risks, it is essential to make sure that the goods are insured. It is also important to establish if the company has insured the properties. This is one of the major reasons as to why a person should be keen on the terms and conditions applied before signing the contract. If the company is not insured, seeking an insurance company to cover possible liabilities is essential and central.

Is there minimum amount of rent?
Yes. Most companies peg their minimum rental period to one month. The charges may however vary, depending on the risk and value added services given to the customers. Before seeking to rent on monthly basis, it is essential to read more and establish if there are more advantages, bonus or discounts given to those who opt to lease or rent these facilities on ling term basis.

Is it in order for a person to bring their own locks?
This is what most companies encourage. It is essential for a person to have his own padlock to the lockers. This enhances accountability from where people can comfortably accessing their properties without waiting for any person to get the keys. There are some other facilities which are digitized and require a person to have a password to access the self storage Caulfield. Again, it is recommended for a person to reset the original PIN in to a much personalized personal identification number for security reasons. Most of these companies however sell locking devices for any customer who might have forgotten his padlock when packing.

Are auctions still functional?
There has been lots of speculation in various sources of media about cheap storage Malvern facilities. Auction is always the last resort adopted by these companies. Before then, they try as much as possible to contact the client with all possible ways. If the client does not respond despite being given quality time to respond to the company, this is when auction comes in. auction is done to off-set all the unpaid dues of the space renting services. A court order may be obtained before this is done. To avoid possible inconveniences, it is advisable for the client to give multiple sources, which the company can still deliver the message. Counterchecking the details provided to the company should also be counterchecked.