How To Renovate Your Bathroom If You Are On A Budget?

Have you been feeling quite unhappy with the way that the bathroom in your new home looks and you feel as though everything is quite old fashioned yet you do not have the budget to fully renovate it and create your dream bath space but since you still want to change something, you are wondering what to do? Or did you recently watch an episode on your favourite home renovation show on tv and you now feel like you just have to change up your bathroom but your budget to do so is quite small?Whatever the case may be, whether you have just moved into a new home and you want to renovate your bathroom so that you are happy with it or if you are someone who simply enjoys renovating your home from time to time, we can all agree on the fact that bathroom renovations are not easy, especially if you are on a budget but still craving that change. So how can you renovate your bathroom if you are on a budget? Read below to find out.

Change the screens

If similar to the first example, you have moved into a new home that you found at a great price and therefore you decided that you would take care of any renovations yourself after you have purchased your home and you feel that everything in your bathroom looks quite old fashioned, a great thing that you can do to change this is to replace your existing shower screen with frameless glass shower screens Brisbane. This type of shower screen will give your bathroom a very luxe and elegant look. It can be especially great if you have a smaller bath space as the screen is frameless, it will not make the space look crowded.If you have a slightly higher budget, you can try different types of shower screens as well and you can even find companies that offer custom glass shower screens which you can customize according to the colour of your bathroom or however you would like your shower screen to look.

Change the paint

This is another inexpensive yet very effective way to change the look of any room but especially your bathroom because we usually choose slightly darker and cooler colours for our bath space. If you like the look of the cool paint shades, you can stick to similar tones when you are looking for new paint but if you want your bathroom to look wide and spacious, you can try painting the walls in light shades such as white or even off white. This can also add a lot of brightness to your space.