Commercial or Personal

When deciding on where to go for your poster printing in Melbourne it is essential to scout out the business first, they might be only able to do large run prints or they might be only able to do the one to a hundred printing run. So you have to know which is which and do some shopping around if you are only getting the one poster done. Research the different paper they can use and the difference between using multiple colours to just four, from printing off copies in any copy machine, you are aware that using a low number of colours is fine but there are claims that with multiple colours the result is much finer and the detail of colour better. 

This might be one of those times where experimentation is called for and having your poster printed at numerous places to find which one is going to be up to the standard you require. Commercially you are going to be looking for a place that does the large runs and perhaps even does the distribution of the posters for you in a certain region, this is called guerrilla advertising where the posters are displayed on walls and in the windows of local shops and businesses. Some companies have an agreement in place with the local stores to be able to display their posters and why not take advantage of such advertising if you can, this will give a greater exposure to the event that you are involved in or the product that you are launching. Really though posters are more likely to be used to give information about an event that is in the near future, a sports event, music, theatre or some type of art display, perhaps a charity event that you would like the multitudes to turn up to. These are the type of things that are displayed on posters for commercial production. Personal runs are more for things that you have produced yourself, such as a piece of artwork, drawings or paintings, which can be scanned and then reproduced.

A great way to sell your work without having to give away the original when you are just starting out as an artist and need to make a few bucks to keep the food on the table and the paint cabinet filled with supplies. If you are not a starving artist it may just be a sketch you have done or a photo you have taken that you want to display in your home or give as a present and want to make it as grand as possible. Students also use this method to display their visual assignments, much better than the old A4 method of reporting and bound to make an impression with your instructor. Just be sure to get the right place and the right method for the colour printing you are doing and try a few out for comparison, it generally isn’t too dear, you can spruce up on the final decision.