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Renovation & Maintenance

What Makes A Perfect Kitchen Designer?


Designing a modern kitchen is not a simple task to undertake. An ordinary person cannot design a perfect kitchen with the modern features that clearly stands different from the traditional one. It therefore calls for a specialist in the design of kitchen and all the relevant features and equipment. The specialist is one who has undergone the required training and qualifications and can handle all sorts of kitchen designs. He/she is well equipped to create modern, innovate kitchen that contains well designed spaces that keeps kitchen materials and tools.

Obtaining such a person is not easy as many have come out to be kitchen designers but end up disappointing their clients with their products. What is demanded of kitchen designers cannot be met and this raise a question of what amounts to the qualification of the best kitchen designers.

One of the qualifications is the experience that one has gained working in kitchen industry fora particular period of time. This earns one competence in the kitchen planning and specifications. The length of time one has worked in kitchen design industry together with other relevant qualifications also gives one a great level of becoming a competent designer.Moreover, one’s experience in the design of kitchen and baths is considerably a step in moving towards being a qualified designer. However one should have a variety of previous kitchen designs that have been accepted in the industry. If actually some of his/her designs are of high quality according to the recommended standards then, that should make a competent designer.

Internships are a great measure of one’s skills in the required field of kitchen design. This is where one is subjected to massive training on how the activities are done. It is actually, where the technical performance of the acquired knowledge is put into practise. It is where the class knowledge is applied into real life issues practically. It is a chance where one gains the necessary steps in tackling some challenging procedures necessary in kitchen design.Internships however subjects people to even more than the required training as explained by
the course e.g. a kitchen designer may be subjected to all the varieties of kitchen-related work including the design of kitchen renovators of Northern Beaches, kitchen planning and computer aided design.

Above all, a qualified and competent kitchen designer possesses at least a certificate, a diploma or a degree in kitchen design. All the other qualifications discussed above supplement the certificate, diploma or degree that one has. The certificates and degrees are provided by a relevant examining body-The National Kitchen and Baths Association which credits all the qualified designers, bath designers and all the kitchen related work. It is a well known body that has a wealth of recommendations concerning what entails qualified kitchen related workers.

The above qualities and qualifications can help in deciding who can be chosen ahead of the other when looking for a qualified kitchen designer for one’s kitchen. Few may be found with all the qualifications but consider those with a wealth of them.

What To Know About Washed Aggregate Concrete

Aggregates are one of the ingredients used in the making of concrete. They are basically granular material probably of crushed stone, sand or gravel. These are the substances that are mixed with water and cement to make concrete. It is however essential to choose the right type of aggregate as well as make sure that the aggregate is clean. Washed aggregate concrete has a longer life since the substances that usually cause concrete deterioration are removed. Apart from that the aggregates chosen should have hard strong particles. This is necessary due to the fact that the aggregates usually comprise the highest percentage in the concrete at an estimated percentage of about 60 to 70 percent.

Most of the aggregate materials are usually sourced from natural water bodies like sea beds and rivers. This is what is usually referred to as harvesting. Once harvesting is complete there are several other processes that follow to ensure that the substances are ready for use. The main processes that follow harvesting are crushing, screening and washing. This ensures proper gradation of the material as well as cleanliness. The exposed aggregates are then properly stored to reduce contamination and segregation. The aggregates are what mainly determines the level of hardness of the concrete meaning that they should be handled properly.

Aggregate property varies in accordance with the type of aggregate material chosen there are however some important factors that should be taken into deep consideration. These are the characteristics that a decorative concrete company should look at. One of these characteristics is grading. This is the process of determining the distribution of the particle sizes. It is necessary to regulate the particle sizes since they influence different aspects of the concrete. The particle sizes influence the amount of aggregate used as well as the amount of cement and water to use. They also influence the level of workability of the aggregates.

The other main characteristic considered when choosing the particles are the shape and texture of the particles. The surface texture of the particles mainly influences the amount of water use during mixing. Rough particles usually consume larger quantities of water as compared to smooth textured particles. Keep in mind that as the water ratio is increased so does the cement amount so as to ensure an even cement-water ratio. This is mainly why it is advisable to opt for smoother particles so as to reduce the production costs. The shape also influences the level of wear of the concrete.

Some of the pother particle characteristics considered includes durability, weight and level of water absorption. To summarize on this the type of particle chosen for the aggregate is what mainly determines the final outcome of the concrete. This is why it is necessary to perform a deep research on the aggregate particles available before opting for a specific type of aggregate material. Once the right selection is made the other main important process to take note of is the concrete development. The ratio of water to cement is the main important aspect to control and be keen about.

Growing Up in the Age of Concrete

For centuries people have had roof gardens and green roofs. 3,000 years ago in Egypt trees were planted on the stone terraces of temples and plants grown on the roofs of houses. In Mesopotamia the Hanging Gardens of Babylon were famous and roof gardens common. For hundreds of years people in Northern Europe covered their roofs with living grasses. Today there are many new techniques and different materials used in building green roofs so the process can appear complicated. However the same basic principles apply now as before. The roof needs to be protected from water and from plant roots: excess water must be drained away; and the plants given a suitable substrate in which to grow.

For a green roof, or indeed any flat concrete roof, balcony waterproofing is the first step and is more important now than in the past. When water permeates concrete it can cause various problems, from small surface cracks to those requiring extensive concrete repairs. Materials such as bitumen torch on membranes are commonly used to waterproof green roofs. In ancient Mesopotamia however they used a layer of reeds sealed with natural asphalt and for the roof gardens of the Emperor Tiberius in Rome a hardened mix of finely crushed bricks and lime. 

Next there is the root barrier, although this can be incorporated into the bitumen membrane. In Mesopotamia, two courses of bricks with a sheet of lead on top stopped most roots, for a while. In ancient Rome it was ceramic plates with an air space beneath. That air space also let excess water drain away. A steep pitch ensured good drainage of the grass roofs of Northern Europe. On flatter roofs however a drainage layer is needed through which water can flow freely and above that, a filter confining the substrate. 

Historically garden soil was used, but the growing media now is a mix of organic and inorganic material which weighs less than soil but retains a lot of water. The depth of the substrate depends on the plants. Trees need 200mm or more; shallow rooted grasses and small succulents as little as 20mm

Many of the benefits of green roofs were also known to people in previous centuries. They provide wonderful insulation, significantly reducing the amount of energy needed to heat or cool buildings. They more than double the life of the roof, insulating and protecting the waterproofing membrane from weathering, UV light and mechanical damage. They afford additional space where land is scarce. Green roofs freshen the air, reduce glare and noise and delight the senses. However the ancient Egyptians had no thought of climate change, of the need to minimise their carbon footprints or reduce urban heat island affects; nor about increasing biodiversity, creating urban habitats, or even reducing storm water runoff. These are all more recent concepts which provide further reasons to ensure that, where possible, the roof over our head is green.

Essential things to know and remember while re-decorating your house

Renovation or remodeling your house is not as easy as it seems or sounds. It requires planning as you need to make sure each and every minute detail has been taken care properly and efficiently. Being aware of the modern and latest trends and decorating ideas can be very helpful and acts as an added advantage at the same time. The internet can be of huge help if you are planning to make some changes or renovate the interiors of your house as you will come across more than many decorating tips and options that can enhance the appeal and beauty of your house manifold. However, there are a few things that are considered to be important and must be remembered before implementing the changes for example you need to set up the budget first. Estimating the budget roughly can give you a clear idea on the total expenditure of the entire renovation process. You can therefore easily either cut down on a few things or add something depending upon your budget. 

Bathroom as well as kitchen renovations are considered crucial in redefining the tone and setting of the house. Moreover, decorating the bedrooms or other rooms is comparatively easier. But when it comes to the kitchen or the bathroom, one has to make sure to make changes that will prove to be beneficial in the long run. Renovating the house is a costly affair and therefore you should think properly before finalizing anything as you will have to live with the changes for a long time before you can further invest in house improvement or renovating projects. Therefore, consulting an interior designer can be very beneficial. The job of an interior designer not only to suggest matching curtains and shower screens in Bentleigh or to pick out furniture and color patterns for the walls, a decorator is also efficient enough to provide you with guidance which will help you further. Therefore, you can consult with a decorator or hire one to make your job easier.

Many people make the mistake of not considering the total amount of available space they have before making changes. When it comes to installing bathroom vanities for example, you need to opt for the ones that are best suited for your bathroom in terms of free and available space. There are several options to choose from and you can easily find something that will look both fancy and save space at the same time as well. Convenience has become an essential factor that house owners take into account while investing in home improvement projects. Now one has the opportunity to customize the renovation process to suit their personal needs.

When it comes to kitchen renovations, a person tends to make changes that will make his or her work lot easier in the kitchen. Using materials and items that are cheap or affordable, but at the same time can be maintained easily should be on top of your priority list for example stone bench tops. A Kitchen bench top is an essential item that is used in almost all the households. Cheap stone bench tops can be easily available and will remain stain free along with being durable as well.